How to

Hold Your Breath

like a  Helicopter Rescue Swimmer

...Even without a pool

Led by Vince

A little about Vince...

Vince was a Rescue Swimmer. He specializes in water confidence and swimming techniques. As one of the best swimmers in his class, Vince has continued to add to his elite skillset through his extensive free diving experience. Now he wants to use that knowledge to help you become exceptionally confident in the water through an Interactive Video Course and Detailed Guidebook.

  • Seasoned Free Diver

    As an experienced free diver capable of holding his breath over 4 minutes, Vince is ready to transfer his knowledge to improve your water confidence. 

  • Experienced Educator

    As an expedition leader, Vince has facilitated educational classes in remote wilderness locations for large groups of students. 

  • Professional First Responder

    While Ski Patrolling and on Search and Rescue cases, Vince has developed the ability to remain calm in high pressures situations. 

Your course, how to hold your breath like a rescue swimmer, has been a great motivator, as well as great instruction on how to build and maintain core strengths for breath holding and all around fitness & agility.

I have already boosted my breath holding to over 2 minutes and continue to get stronger!!

I’m stoked to get back to the pool, river and ocean for swim training !!

Your courses have been great in showing how to properly get started in under-waters!! 

J Wall, North Carolina 

What You're Going to Learn


We all know that water confidence is a huge uncertainty while training for elite military pipelines. 


The majority of students have no problem getting through the land portions of training but countless fail out in the water.


Vince has put together a online video course that will significantly increase your ability to hold your breath.


Holding Your Breath is a Skill Set


While I was training for rescue swimmer school years ago, I thought the ability to hold my breath for a long period of time was just a talent that some had and others didn't. I would struggle getting a 25m underwater lap and others could effortlessly flow through them. 


Like I said, this is more than just a "how to" course. Here's just a taste of what you're going to learn.

  • Techniques to Preserve Energy Underwater

  • Methods to Expand Your Lung Capacity

  • The Dangers of Blackouts

  • Breathing Techniques Before Diving Underwater

  • At Home Workouts for Breath Holding

  • The Best Diet for Breath Holding

  • Ear Equalization Techniques

  • The Mammalian Diving Reflex and How it Applies to You

  • The Effects of CO2 on Your Body

  • How to Relax and Slow Your Heart Rate before Submerging

  • How to Fully Inflate Your Body Before Dives Underwater

These are proven and tested tactics and strategies compiled into one course. And it's skills most people on earth aren't going to share with you because very few even know how to do it.

The Ultimate Guarantee


We 100% guarantee this training will be worth every penny you invest. 


If you go through the entire training and it did not meet and exceed your expectations just email me and I'll return your entire investment. No questions asked. 


Sound Fair?

    The exercises found within this program can be extremely dangerous and may lead to injury, permanent disability and even death. You should not perform breath holding exercises, especially underwater, without the supervision of a trained professional. The recommendations found within this program are based on our own personal experience as Helicopter Rescue Swimmers; different body types, anatomies, experience, past injuries and illnesses, and fitness levels could mean drastically different outcomes. A physician or health care provider should be consulted before engaging in such activities. By moving forward, you understand these risks and hereby release and hold harmless the Rescue Swimmer Mindset with respect to any and all injury, disability, death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.