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The Rescue Swimmer Mindset was founded in July of 2017 by Cody Wright. It all started with an idea he had to write down all of the character traits and mental tools he used to get through Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer School. 


Since that summer day in 2017, Rescue Swimmer Mindset has distributed 1000s of copies of the book and trained 100s of students preparing for military schools like USCG Helicopter Rescue Swimmer School, BUDS, the PJ Pipeline and many others.

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Meet the RSM Instructors

RSM Instructor

Cody Wright

His story began after leaving the University of Oregon to join the United States Coast Guard. During his time in the service, Cody graduated from one of the most elite schools in the military, known as Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer School. After graduating, Cody spent four years serving the Great Lakes region as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer completing Search & Rescue missions and Saving Lives. During his time in the military, he began to collect and write down the lessons he learned as a Rescue Swimmer in the form of a best-selling Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer book. 

​Shortly after completing this book, Cody left the Coast Guard to start the Rescue Swimmer Mindset and finish his degree at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, where he currently resides. Today, Cody continues to push his physical abilities which has lead him to become an accomplished trail-runner that continues to excel in calisthenic development.

RSM Instructor


Originally from the Great White North of Canada, Vince left his homeland to pursue a career jumping out of perfectly good helicopters to assist mariners in distress. It was while serving in this position as a Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer, that he met Cody. After serving nearly 3 years together responding to Search & Rescue cases in the Great Lakes regions, Vince also left the military to pursue an academic career.

After graduating college, he became co-owner of the Rescue Swimmer Mindset. With over 10years of free diving experience, 15years of weight-lifting knowledge and as the top swimmer in his Rescue Swimmer class, Vince has helped students excel in their physical and aquatic goals.

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