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       In this post I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the big picture goal of Rescue Swimmer Mindset and how that relates to you. Over the past few days, I’ve been reading a study published about 10 years ago that follows a rescue swimmer class and seeks to uncover the themes that differentiated the students that passed from the students who failed. I’ll be covering these themes and the entire paper in the next few podcast episodes, so I won’t go in depth here, but I’ll cover one of them briefly. The students who passed rescue swimmer school were those who used their classmates as social support. This led to a positive class dynamic and proved to be one of the determining factors in student’s ability to pass the training. The students who passed noted five characteristics that aided in their ability to stick with the training. Supportiveness, shared leadership, camaraderie, similar skill level, cohesion and open communication. These characteristics are notable in that they relate directly to the goal of the Rescue Swimmer Mindset community that Vince and I are building with your help.


       Our goal of the Rescue Swimmer Mindset is to build the largest community in the world for individuals who want to succeed in their military goals. Through this group, we are building a collaborative unit of people who can share their various training experiences. Whether that be for rescue swimmer school, BUDS or any other military training. I hope this collaborative effort can create useful links between various training methodologies in each military service to create a smarter approach to training which will ultimately lead to a higher success rate for individuals who train with us.


       This means you are the foundation of this community. You can help by posting useful workouts and training updates for others to share. A great place to do that is in our RSM Training Circle on Facebook or by just tagging us in these updates on Instagram. As we grow and gather more training information, your contributions will eventually pave the way for those who train in the years to come.


Thanks for being a part of the RSM community. 




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