1.5 Mile Timed Run Training

8 Week Run Program

Increase your SPEED and ENDURANCE with Cody as he guides you through the workouts needed to significantly drop your 1.5 mile time. 

The  First  RSM Running Course

Crafted specifically to lower your 1.5 Mile run time. 

  • 8 Weeks of Training

    Cody's spent years training and studying the steps to increasing speed and endurance. 

  • Designed to compliment your current strength training.

    This program can be worked through while following a different strength and conditioning program. More on this below!

  • Results Guaranteed or You'll Get your Money Back

    If you don't decrease your 1.5 mile timed run by the end of this course. We'll refund every penny. No questions asked. 

 What You Will Get.

When Cody first started training for his Coast Guard PT test to get into Rescue Swimmer School he could only run around a 12 minute mile and a half.


Through his dedicated training, research and persistence, he brought that time down to 9:30. By the time he graduated from Rescue Swimmer School he was running consistently in the 8 minutes. Today Cody's fastest 1.5 mile timed run is 8:17.


Running fast isn't easy. That's probably why you're spending your time reading this....


One of the biggest errors students make is training on their own without the requisite knowledge to prevent injury and build their endurance in a smart and timely manner. 


That's the thing. You only have a small amount of time to get your run time to where it needs to be before this window in your life closes for good.


You should be using every resource and opportunity you get to reach your goal.  


This is an 8 Week Course designed to be implemented immediately with your current strength and conditioning program. All you have to do is substitute the workouts inside this course with any running or aerobic conditioning in your current program.




Time to get to work.

1.5 Mile Timed Run Program

This course will be hard work. 

But you'll be thanking us in 8 weeks. 

$70.00/ One time payment

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!


Like we mentioned earlier. If you take this course and don't decrease you 1.5 mile run time(although highly unlikely), just let us know that you want your money back and refund you every penny. 

Cody Wright

Owner, Rescue Swimmer Mindset