How to

Build Your Own

Military Training  Program

Led by Cody Wright

Everyone Wants a Shortcut

But YOU Don't

Here's What You're Going to Learn in this Course



Learn how to create your own training tailored to your needs.

Anyone can follow some cookie cutter training program step by step and hope that it's enough to get them through their training. But the type of person that gets through elite military training has to have the ability to think independently


If that sounds like you, check out what you'll learn...

  • The Physiology Behind Base Building

  • The Overall Structure of a Training Program

  • Detailed Heart Rate Zone Training

  • Proper Weekly Structure to Allow for Maximum Recovery

  • 4 Types of Training Weeks Essential to Include in Your Program

  • How to Structure a Training Block Designed Around Your Weaknesses 

This is just a sample of what you're going to learn. On top of that, after you go through the course. You'll have the ability to create your own training plan and run it by Cody. He will take a look at it and figure out if changes should be made. This process will continue until you have the exact program you need. 

The Ultimate Guarantee


I 100% guarantee this training will be worth every penny you invest. 


If you go through the entire training and it did not meet and exceed your expectations I'll return every penny you invested. Just email me and I'll return your entire investment. No questions asked. 


Sound Fair?


This is Truly A Limited Time Offer. Take control of your training and learn this skill today! 



But that's not all...

The exercises found within this program can be extremely dangerous and may lead to injury, permanent disability and even death. You should not perform breath holding exercises, especially underwater, without the supervision of a trained professional. The recommendations found within this program are based on our own personal experience as Helicopter Rescue Swimmers; different body types, anatomies, experience, past injuries and illnesses, and fitness levels could mean drastically different outcomes. A physician or health care provider should be consulted before engaging in such activities. By moving forward, you understand these risks and hereby release and hold harmless the Rescue Swimmer Mindset with respect to any and all injury, disability, death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.