Cody Running
  • Weekly Workouts

    Each week you'll be sent your training for the week. These workouts will be tailored to you specific training needs with an emphasis on water confidence, conditioning (pool and land) and strength. 

  • Weekly Phone/Zoom Call

    Your workouts will be adjusted each week based on the feedback you give Cody at the end of each training week. These calls are a debrief and a great time to ask questions about training for Rescue Swimmer School. 

  • Last thing...A word from Cody

    Cody here,


    These coaching sessions are a rather large time commitment so I only take on 3-5 candidates at any given time. If you aren't sure whether this type of training is right for you, feel free to reach out via Instagram and we can chat about it. 



  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee 

    If you aren't fully satisfied with your experience, I will refund every penny to you. No questions asked.