60 Day Mindset transformation

RSM Exclusive


Imagine what it will feel like the day of graduating from your training.


Your parents are there, your best friend is there along with your significant other. 


Your class started with 100 people and your one of the 10 remaining. 


What would that feel like?


You've just practiced a tool I used to get through USCG Helicopter Rescue Swimmer School called Visualization.


After you take this course you'll be able to use these tools to make getting through your training more likely! 


Let's face it...


There are about 8,000,000,000 online workout programs out there to help you train for elite military schools. 


So what's the deal?!


If everyone is following these workout programs by former Rescue Swimmers, SEALS and PJ's 


Why isn't everyone crushing training?


Let me fill you in on something you probably already know!


Getting through your training isn't just about how many pushups you can do or how long you can hold your breath.


If that was the case then I would of never made it through rescue swimmer school! 


Military programs with high attrition rates are designed to test your...


1. Commitment Level to the Job


2. Mental Toughness


3. Ability to Adapt 


 Finding the intersection between developing these


KEY TRAITS and MAXIMIZING POTENTIAL FITNESS is where the graduates of these courses excel.


 60 Days happens to be the average time it takes to solidify a habit.


It's our intention with this program to help you build the habits that will allow you to train efficiently


and at your maximum potential. 


In this program, each week you will receive an action plan designed to help you 


piece together the necessary habits and routines that will get you to this point. 


Take the 60 Day Mindset Transformation

Over the course of those 60 days you will develop the habits and mental tools necessary to train properly for your goals.


Built in Land Workouts


Daily Mindset Building Tasks


Workout Writing Guidelines


Pool and Water Confidence Drills

A Few More Things...

This is the only training out there like this. If you're training for Rescue Swimmer School, BUDS or any military training that requires a high level of self discipline, mental toughness and a high level of fitness LOOK NO FURTHER.

  • In these 8 Weeks you will learn to

    Prioritize your daily tasks and get the most out of each training day. 

  • Set actionable goals in fitness and daily life

    If you don't know what you're working towards daily, it's easy to get caught up in trivial workouts and work. This leads to stagnation. We don't want this. 

  • Increase Your Independence

    Graduates of elite military schools have the ability to think for themselves and do what's best under the most dire circumstances. You need to learn how to do this. 

60 Day Mindset Transformation


Paid Weekly for 8 Weeks



I get it, this is a new type of training you've never tried. That's why I want to make this easy for you...


If this training doesn't exceed your expectations, you can just send me an email to rsmguide@gmail.com or shoot me a text to 833-552-0559 and I'll refund every penny you invested. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Cody Wright

Owner, Rescue Swimmer Mindset